Fellowship at the Institute for Microbial Biotechnology – University of the Western Cape

BlueRemediomics partner University of the Western Cape South Africa (UWC), specifically the institute for Microbial Biotechnology is interested in hosting a Fellow on an exciting new initiative which involves the whole genome sequencing (WGS) and genome analysis of 500 bacterial isolates from the IMBM Biobank. 

The IMBM is a leading research unit at the University of the Western Cape, and is considered a global competitor in microbial biotechnology and metagenomics. The institute hosts an enormously valuable collection of about 3000 microbial isolates and metagenomic libraries from a wide range of extreme and indigenous environments such as the South African marine and medicinal fynbos environments. 

The IMBM embarked on the WGS of 500 bacterial genomes from the IMBM Biobank using Oxford Nanopore Technology. The main focus of this initiative is to manage the WGS datasets that will be generated and to perform genome analysis for annotation and the possible identification of secondary metabolite pathways. 

Fellow Criteria:

  • PhD awarded within the last five years and currently working at a research institution. 
  • Demonstrated expertise in the generation, analysis, and management of WGS datasets, preferably the analysis of bacterial genomic and metagenomic data generated through Oxford Nanopore sequencing technology. 
  • Interested in enhanced skill development, more specifically gene mining, genetic engineering and heterologous expression, knowledge on regulatory networks, and the use of microorganisms as producers of high-value microbial products. 

Learn more about the fellowship and apply through the link below!