Public Project Deliverables (once approved by the EC) will be added here once they are available. This page will be updated regularly, so make sure to check back again soon!

D1.1 – Additional metagenomic datasets added to database

D1.2 – Enriched metagenomic annotations

D1.3 – MGnify database-initial

D1.4 – MGnify database-updated

D1.5 – Enzyme pipelines-initial

D1.6 – Enzyme pipelines-updated

D1.7 – Community context workflows

D1.8 – Metabolic reconstruction pipeline

D1.9 – Internal informatics training

D1.10 – External informatics training

D2.1 – List of biological samples (with ABS status) provided for screening

D2.2 – Sample list-updated

D2.3 – Targeted community culturing protocol

D2.4 – Product screening decision tree protocol

D2.5 – Heterologous expression protocol

D2.6 – Upscaling protocol

D3.5 – Summary of bioactive peptides

D3.11 – Summary of enzymes and applications

D4.1 – Microbiome Health Index

D4.2 – Carbon fixation models

D4.3 – Salmon production assessment

D4.4 – Microbiome manipulation proof of concept

D4.5 – Aquaculture disease protection

D4.6 – Do no harm evaluation

D5.1 – Access and Benefit Sharing tools and guidelines

D5.2 – Access and Benefit Sharing tools and guidelines-review

D5.3 – Policy briefs on access and benefit sharing and intellectual property

D5.4 – Access and Benefit Sharing game

D5.5 – Capacity building training

D5.6 – Biobanking, sample tracing

D5.7 – Biobanking, sample tracing-review

D6.1 – Plan for Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication-initial

D6.2 – Plan for Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication-updated

D6.3 – Project website

D6.4 – Report on communication,exploitation, and dissemination resources developed

D6.5 – Joint BlueRemediomics -TREC outreach report

D6.6 – Knowledge Management and Knowledge Transfer

D6.7 – Project impact evaluation

D7.1 – BlueRemediomics calendar

D7.2 – Data Management Plan-initial

D7.3 – Data Management Plan-mid-term

D7.4 – Data Management Plan-final

D7.5 – Consortium working guidelines document-initial

D7.6 – Consortium working guidelines document-updated

D7.7 – Training guide (ABS)

D7.9 – Public version of biosafety risk register

D7.10 – BlueRemediomics conference