19. Valagro SpA

Valagro SpA - Project Partners - Blueremediomics

Valagro is a leading company specializing in the production and sale of biostimulants and specialty nutrients for plants, headquartered in Italy with 13 subsidiaries worldwide. In 2020 the Group joined Syngenta Crop Protection. 

Valagro replies to the global challenge to produce more food for an ever-growing world population in a sustainable way by putting its innovation in the service of farmers’ needs worldwide, helping them to “do more with less”. 

Valagro created the GeaPower® technology platform, a systematic approach for the development and production of biostimulants, which leverages on a combination of technologies, processes, know-how, and trade-secret knowledge. In this protocol, chemistry, formulation development, microbiology, plant science and omic sciences are integrated on a long-term experience basis and used to transform useful active ingredients into effective solutions that meet the expectations and needs of the farmers.

In Blueremediomics, Valagro will identify microbial candidates (single or natural/synthetic consortia) capable of producing plant specific bioactives. 

Alberto Piaggesi|a.piaggesi@valagro.com