13. ABS International

ABS International - Project Partners - Blueremediomics

ABSint is a specialised service provider that assists public and private sector stakeholders in navigating international and national Access and Benefit-Sharing (ABS) legislation. ABSint helps beneficiaries establish effective ABS systems and compliance mechanisms, aiding users in developing compliance tools and supporting contract negotiations. With a team of multidisciplinary professionals experienced in ABS, sustainable resource management, environmental law, and intellectual property law, ABSint offers comprehensive guidance to governments, companies, and institutions. Through its extensive global network of credible professionals, ABSint can address the international aspects of the ABS framework. 

In the BlueRemediomics project, ABSint is the Work Package 5 Leader focusing on enhancing access, protection, and sharing of Marine Genetic Resources while emphasising ABS and Intellectual Property (IP) considerations. ABSint is responsible for ensuring the project’s compliance with regulations related to scientific activities, particularly in the realm of ABS, and bridging knowledge gaps in the field.

Thomas Vanagt|thomas.vanagt@abs-int.eu