11. Fondation Tara Ocean

Fondation Tara Ocean - Project Partners - Blueremediomics

The Tara Ocean Foundation, an officially recognized public interest group, aims to advance knowledge about the Ocean and raise awareness of its vital importance among the general public. It uses its high-level scientific expertise and sea voyages to educate young people and the public in general, to mobilise political decision-makers at the highest level and to enable developing countries to access this new knowledge about the Ocean.

In BlueRemediomics, it will co-lead work package 6 on communication, dissemination, outreach and exploitation together with ERINN Innovation. Tara Oceans will specifically lead on the outreach activity, which will use stopovers at eight European coastal cities (and involving the local BlueRemediomics partners) to directly engage with society in general, and young people (including students) specifically, in both coastal and inland communities, while associated social media campaigns will reach out to wider communities. Based on the project’s scientific results, FTO will produce a set of unique outreach tools and activities with participation from all partners. 

André Abreu de Almeida|andre@fondationtaraocean.org