UNIABDN and ACA Climate Cafe- Human impact on oceans: A workshop on attitudes towards technical marine solutions

blue carbon workshop

The University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Climate Action (ACA) and the BlueRemediomics project invite you to an interactive workshop on “Scientific solutions that do no harm”, exploring public attitudes on innovative topics such as blue carbon, seaweed harvesting, marine energy and new tech in industrial fishing. Join this open scientific discussion on the 3rd of September 2024 in Aberdeen.

Blue Carbon Discussion

The ocean is a natural carbon reservoir. This is blue carbon. Each year, several gigatons of carbon are transported from the surface ocean into the ocean interior, where the carbon is stored for decades. With increasing sea temperatures, acidification and shifts in sea ice dynamics, plus the emergence of technical interventions to increase blue carbon, one critical question that arises is: how can we effectively manage a sustainable carbon cycle with “Blue Carbon” solutions targeting the climate crisis?

How can and should it be ensured that scientific innovation in relation to Blue Carbon does “no significant harm”? And who should determine this? New forms of technology which aim to work with nature to deliver benefits to the human public will be introduced, with a focus on Blue Carbon.

In this context, the ‘do no significant harm’ principle raises critical questions about the best approaches to ecosystem restoration, carbon capture, and sustainable solutions. It also prompts us to consider the ethical boundaries of chemical, biological and other interventions.

Marine Energy, Industrial Fishing and Seaweed Harvesting

Aside from the focus on Blue Carbon solutions, the workshop will explore the “do no significant harm” principle also from other angles, highlighting scientific solutions and new technology for industrial fishing, marine energy and seaweed harvesting along with their ethical boundaries. 

This cafe will be a workshop on scientific solutions “that do no harm”. What solutions are being developed? How should it be assessed that they do harm? This will be an interactive session introducing new solutions and exploring public approaches, thoughts and opinions on these solutions and their regulation. This is a free “open to all event” where everyone is welcome – with an interest or mild curiosity in science, climate change, social approaches, or public engagement.

While there will be a Zoom ticket to join online, we are not anticipating trying to do the discussion aspects of the event online so it’s likely to be a more limited experience than attending in person.

BlueRemediomics Relevance

As part of Work Package 4, BlueRemediomics promotes healthy microbiome approaches and strategies in both aquaculture and coastal ecosystem monitoring and evaluates the ‘do no significant harm’ concept in relation to marine microbiome manipulation. The workshop will help gather public insights on people’s opinions towards the “do no significant harm” principle.