9. Norce Norwegian Research Centre AS

Norce Norwegian Research Centre AS - Project Partners - Blueremediomics

NORCE is an independent research institute that conducts research for both public and private sectors, to facilitate informed and sustainable choices for the future. It delivers research and innovation in energy, health care, climate, the environment, society and technology. Its solutions address key challenges for society and contribute to value creation on the local, national and global levels.

In BlueRemediomics, they will co-lead work package 2 on culturomics & screening discovery platform, together with Sorbonne University. NORCE, EMBL, SU, NAICONS and VALAGRO will combine their respective expertise to develop and validate cultivation conditions/processes for three to four of the most promising target organisms/consortia identified. NORCE will also co-lead work package 4 together with CNRS providing production environment and monitoring solutions for aquaculture. 

Lars Ebbesson|laeb@norceresearch.no