New Business Insider Article On Biodiscovery And The Race To Explore More Of The Ocean!

BlueRemediomics Coordinator Rob Finn from EMBL recently got interviewed by Business Insider on the topic of technology fueling biodiscovery and the race to explore more of the Ocean! The interesting article that resulted out of this interview is now available online below!

Biodiscovery, the process of tapping into marine plants, animals, and microorganisms, has already led to significant innovations in various industries, such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and cosmetics. However, the vast majority of the ocean remains uncharted, offering untapped potential for further discoveries. 

As Rob states: “I sit on 3 billion unique proteins that have come from all sorts of different sources.” One of the aims of BlueRemediomics is to make it easier to screen data for useful characteristics for commercialization, with a focus on new ways to reduce waste, increase the reuse of natural products, and improve aquaculture processes.

BlueRemediomics will connect the dots between single enzymes or genes to look at whole organisms or small communities of organisms for potential uses. The explosion of powerful algorithms that can process vast amounts of data has made this kind of work possible.

Overall, the race to explore the ocean’s hidden treasures is driven by the hope of finding solutions to global challenges while safeguarding marine ecosystems for future generations. The push for knowledge and preservation highlights the immense value of the marine ecosystem and the ongoing efforts to understand and protect it.

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