New Article: Open data to power up the blue economy

Our project partners from EMBL published a new article on “Open Data to Power Up the Blue Economy”.

The Blue Economy unlocks the immense potential of marine resources to drive economic growth and improved livelihoods.

From aquaculture to renewable energy and biotechnology, it encompasses diverse sectors. However, its success hinges on a foundation of systematic data collection, open sharing, and meticulous analysis.

One of the biggest challenges is extracting knowledge from the huge volumes of metagenomic data being collected worldwide. As EMBL state, “we are supporting a range of scientific endeavours collecting molecular data from our oceans and seas and cataloguing them so we know where the samples came from and what they represent, and so that they are easier to find and interpret using computational methods. This is the only way to analyse such datasets, which are much too big to manually sift through.”

In this new article published by our project partners from EMBL, BlueRemediomics coordinator Rob Finn – Head of Microbiome Informatics at EMBL – explains why data coordination and sharing are fundamental for a sustainable blue economy.

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