Course on Quantitative Seascape Ecology of Marine Plankton, March 2024 in Paris

Quantitative Seascape Ecology

PSL University and its Qlife program in Quanitative Biology are organising a winter school on “Quantitative Seascape Ecology of Marine Plankton” taking place from the 4th to the 8th of March 2024 in Paris. 

The course is coordinated by BlueRemediomics Co-Coordinator Chris Bowler from CNRS and features as lecturers and instructors, several members of the BlueRemediomics consortium, including from Fondation Tara Ocean.

The course will cover a range of quantitative studies in ecology made possible by the extensive Tara Oceans datasets, which comprise DNA sequence and organism imaging resources from all domains of plankton life including viruses, as well as rich metadata to explore their environmental context.

It will include introductory lectures in the morning, followed by digital practicals in the afternoon. The evenings will include keynote speaker seminars and poster presentations by the students. 

The winter school is limited to 25 participants. It is open to Master 2 and PhD students, as well as postdocs, engineers and junior scientists, with backgrounds in life science, geoscience, physics, computer science or mathematics. 

Application deadline is 7 January 2024
Registration fees €150

Find more information and register through the link below!